Communicate with customers in different messengers

from single app

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Using different communication channels is difficult to manage.

Switching between applications can cause confusion, duplicate replies and messages slipping through the cracks.

Weak security

Weak security

Using different communication platforms risks exposing sensitive information, especially if accounts are not consistently monitored.

Loss of valuable time

Loss of valuable time

Monitoring and managing different platforms can be time-consuming, taking up valuable time from managers.

Lack of team alignment

Lack of team alignment

Using separate channels leads to working in silos, resulting in poor cross-functional communication and lost information.


You need a multi-channel solution to manage communication from a single platform.

Connect all your communication channels to Ozekon

Connect your communication channels and have access to them in one place.

Live chat
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Internal chat

Invite your managers to Ozekon

You can invite teammates to Ozekon, and quickly configure access.

Manage and monitor access and communication in one place

Flexibly configure access to your communication channels, without the risk of losing access to your channels.

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Full integration with Telegram

All Telegram features have been moved to Ozekon so that you don't feel uncomfortable from switching to Ozekon.

Connect your Telegram accounts
Connect your account and control access to your account and chats via Ozekon.
Connect your Telegram Bots
Connect your telegram bot and receive all the messages that will come to the bot.

Tagging messages

Find messages and documents fast.

Stay organized by tagging important messages from team members and customers.

Add tags to message

Search messages by tags


Respond faster to customer requests.

Customize message snippets and respond to typical messages faster.

Forward messages to any messenger

You will be able to forward messages to any of the communication channels you have connected.

Live chat

Easily connect with customers on your website with a powerful live chat widget

You can:
Set up your widget
Personalize your widget to match your brand
Manage access for your widget
Give access to the right department
Install the widget on your website
Take the widget live with just one line of code.
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